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Who is the Art Teacher?

Hola mi jente! I'm ToyBox the Art Teacher. Coming from Puerto Rico to the United States as a young lady was immensely difficult for me. The language barrier really hurt my communication with other children. I felt completely alone in the US. One day while doodling on a piece of paper a group of kids started gathering around me and I completely understood the ooohsss and woooowwss! This was the moment I knew art was my true way of connecting with the world.


It is very important to me that I teach my students both adults and children how important it is to love thy self. No matter how much money, popularity, fame you aquire over the years everything is nothing without having genuine love for ourselves. We live in a world where people fight every day to become what they think they see instead of truly being who they are. 

In this new world that is fully governed by social media I want people to learn to adapt to the times and "LOVE THY SELFIE". This is my most important project of 2022! I will be creating murals throughout the city of Philadelphia & Camden that fully captivate different walks of lives in accordance to the establishment they are located in. I want you guys to hit thee places and take fun selfies showing how much you " LOVE THY SELFIE" because only you can portray what it is to love yourself!

Really looking forward to sharing this journey with my genuine supporters! 


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